About us

Our Story

R&R is a luxury beauty brand founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts - Shea - into the most enriching beauty products.

Founded by Beauty Entrepreneur Valerie Obaze in 2010, just after the birth of her daughter Rebecca Rose from whom the brand takes its name, R&R has since garnered international recognition in the world of luxury beauty and has won several awards for the excellence of it’s range of beauty products.

Through an unwavering commitment to using the purest natural ingredients and a devotion to excellence in quality, Valerie Obaze has led R & R Luxury to create a range of luscious beauty formulations from Shea butter and other natural ingredients including essential oils for face, body and hair; liquid and bar soaps; scented candles and home fragrance; and lip balm. They are as good for women as for men, children and babies.

Each R&R product is an invitation to a voyage of discovery of the most beautiful versions of ourselves through the immeasurable benefits of Shea and other natural ingredients that make up nature’s gift to Africa and Africa’s gift to the world.


Our Ethics

Guided by the core values of ethical sourcing and nature preservation, R&R uses 100% natural Shea butter and other unrefined natural ingredients in all its formulations, sourced directly from the Shea countryside of Ghana, West Africa, the only region in the world where the mythical Shea tree has been growing for thousands of years.

Our Shea Butter is processed by a women’s cooperative, especially put together to process high quality unrefined Shea butter. Our manufacturer provides these cooperative societies with loans, credit facilities and quality control expertise and a higher price for their quality processed Shea butter. This initiative has in the medium term, alleviated poverty amongst the rural women and in, the long term provides employment opportunities for rural women and young people.